Whatever the idea, if it can be made of stone – we can make it.
At Avista Stone we do not see stone masonry as a trade but as a craft and a culture.

Avista Stone is at the forefront of forming a synergy between modern technology and the skills of traditional craftsmanship, taking each and every stone project we work on to the highest standards, on time and budget.

We offer a wide range of stone-masonry services which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of client or project.


Attuned to working closely with all industry stakeholders such as architects, planners and experts of similar trades, we provide a wide range of in-house services, such as: detailed site surveys, pre-tender recommendation on all services relating to stonemasonry, stone coordination and feasibility studies, high-specification working drawings, proposed-works design documentation and drawings for planning approvals, concept design and bespoke product design.


Natural stone is a versatile material and with the right skills and equipment it can be crafted into almost anything. Our skilled masons work with you to create a unique and timeless piece, to suit your needs and personal style by expertly carving intricate detail to extorting design specifications.


A stone staircase is a miracle of beauty and simplicity. We develop new ideas that work with today’s architecture to create staircases that are always a sophisticated solution to a practical encounter. With our know-how and your vision, we bring together the natural beauty of a stone with clear-cut, solid construction techniques to create something both beautiful and contemporary.

A fireplace carries warmth, solidity and strength. We can help you design a unique custom-built fireplace for your home, guiding you through variety of possible styles, forms and details that will enhance the space and add some grandeur to any residential or commercial space.


We design, supply and install paving and flooring to suit your requirements from simple external paving set on a traditional strident sand screed or a technical internal floor on built up structure, requiring multifaceted malleable adhesives and grouts. We can work from your own designs as well as photographs or we can design something exclusive for you.

All of our paving and flooring are created using a carefully balanced combination of automated fabrication and the skilled craftsmanship to ensure the stone work is produced and installed as efficiently as possible and to the highest standards.


Worktops shape a significant part of our stone masonry portfolio. We work with a broad range of quality materials sourced from all over the world. Our unparalleled standards of workmanship are never compromised.


Using natural stone on new build properties, given its stunning aesthetic to both the external façade and internal features, can be very remunerative.

We work with our clients to help design, develop and deliver what they desire. We can value engineer and fine tune every detail internally and externally as well as utilise the modern technology to enhance the detail within the project whilst reducing the production time and cost to their possible minimum without compromising quality.


At Avista Stone, we use our extensive knowledge to advise on the extent of required repairs and recommend the most suitable materials and method for restoration. Our accomplished stonemasons possess extensive experience in finding and crafting natural stone to efficiently complete any restoration project.

To find out how the beauty and durability of natural stone
can transform your home, contact Avista Stone today:

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